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International Workshops

Hearts offers International workshops in various churches that help women overcome pain they’re faced with in adversities that sometimes become disastrous.  Under the Anointing of these dynamic workshops, women are delivered: freed from unforgiveness; pain; feelings of rejection; hopelessness; powerlessness; discouragement; and, strongholds that held them bound emotionally and spiritually that stopped them from moving forward in the things God called them to do!  Women learn how to overcome obstacles and adversities, and find and keep the Peace of the Lord in their hearts!


Here is one of the many amazing testimonies of how Jesus is touching the hearts of His daughters in Hearts’ Workshops!!  Visit Hearts’ YouTube Channel for more!



We’re so blessed to hear about how the Lord touches the hearts of women, restores their faith, and removes their pains during our workshop sessions!  Hearts’ has amazing testimonies of women speaking about how the Lord, in our workshops, help educate and rejuvenate them; teach them how to pray and forgive; overcome adversities; find hope in the Lord and build more intimacy with Him; trust God; and believe again, despite conditions and circumstances!

Miracles of all kinds have happened from restoration of marriages, deliverance of an alcohol addiction, the life of a long time, prominent drug-dealer being saved while attending the workshops with his wife to a woman’s sister being healed of cancer!



In our workshops, God’s precious daughters learn how to:

  • Become the warriors God created them to be;
  • Conquer fear, loss, inadequacy, and lack of love;
  • Find peace and true love in Jesus;
  • Experience a deeper level of intimacy with Jesus;
  • Overcome feelings of powerlessness;
  • Take charge of their thoughts and mind;
  • Acknowledge things that hinder the heart;
  • Recondition the mind;
  • Define perceptions of the self, assessing humility, vanity and pride;
  • Think beyond problems and issues; and
  • Live and walk in their own Divine, individual exclusivity of the
    beautiful creations they are to accomplish one goal: God’s Will:
    the fulfillment of His Purpose and Plan of their lives.

Our Chapter Leaders are dedicated to fulfilling the great commission Jesus gave hearts!

In the Spirit of Excellence and Love, our directors work very closely with associated churches, Chapters of Hearts, on a weekly basis to bring forth the assurance of this great mandate Jesus has given Prophetess Sabrina.  With the help of our staff, Pastors and Chapter Leaders faciliate and administrate these amazing workshops each week.  Currently, we manage over ten Chapters between Kenya, Pakistan, Uganda, and Nigeria and are expanding.



So many are struggling today with the lack of basic needs like food to survive, in particular, families in remote villages of Africa and different parts of Asia, who have no source of income.  While we are unable to help all, we can help as many as we can.  Through “Legacy,” our vocational training program, Chapters assist women, as led by the Lord, to begin their own small businesses an become self sustainable.  Our goal is to get them started in beginning and maintaining a stream of income, so they can help meet their families basic needs.

We gift each woman with a small amount of start-up funds to purchase items needed like fruits and vegetables for those who choose to sell food in local markets.  But, we don’t just stop there.  Its our heart to see to it that they don’t just begin a business and abort it, but to maintain it, so they may be successful.

Because we care so much about thier success and doing what they are individually led by God to do according to His Purpose and Plan for their lives…as a part of our Legacy Program we require by-weekly attendance at our training sessions, which are provided for a period of months to ensure growth before we release them.  To overcome anything…like fears, disappointments, and the frustration of beginning a new business or restarting one, we mentor participants in the importance of not only how to maintain growth in a business once they’ve begun, but how to maintain peace of mind in the process, so they will be able to overcome adversities in their life as they arise.  Praise and worship confuses the enemy and so does a strong mind made up to do the Will of God that won’t give up or give in.  So, its not just business saavy tips we share…its the concept of being a warrior for the Lord and what it truly means, even in business.


Coming late fall 2017!!…Hearts’ 5 minute, live workout program for women!!  Do these exercises anytime!…anywhere where you’re in the kitchen while cooking dinner, on the road in a hotel room, the bedroom, the bathroom before you shower, etc!!
Are you at a place in your life where exercise has become a “must do” for circulation? Are you looking for a quick exercise routine that will help tone muscles and keep them toned? Are you going through peri-menopause or menopause and need a boost?