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What Is Your Treasure

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We can be full of the Holy Spirit and still lead by Him in a situation to be tested.  Therefore, beloveds always keep your hearts humble, because the Lord searches the heart and tests our minds.

A person’s heart is where their treasure is.  Whatever things are treasured…whatever people are treasured, reveals the value we place on them in our hearts.  If we look for something, nine times out of ten we’ll get it if we’re persistent, even in prayer.  The thing is to be sure that what we’re looking for is of and in our Father’s Will and not our own.  A “gift horse” can be sent by surprise.  So, the need to discern with great insight from Holy Spirit is urgent and required to be told the truth on all fronts to live victoriously.

We can never get to high to think God would never test us, even as we grow in HIM.  Don’t forget that it was the Spirit of God who led Jesus into the wilderness for one reason…to be tempted.  This is why Jesus says in the Lord’s Prayer to pray, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”  If the Lord searches the heart…what is He searching for?  And, if the Lord tests our minds…what is He testing our minds for?

What things do you hold as “prized possessions” and place value on?  We all have desires; however, if it’s not Jesus ABOVE all things…then, that’s an issue, because we’re showing Jesus we place more value on those things than HIM?  The Bible says, what good is it for a man to gain the whole entire world, but lose his soul? 

Beloveds, what looks good isn’t always good for us and what tastes good isn’t always good for us.  These things can be experienced straight through unsuitable desires that aren’t beneficial for us in the long run.  Let June 2019, be a month of recommittment to evaluate every area of your life, so your heart may always be right before the Lord to serve HIM as a true ambassador for Kingdom purposes.

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To God be all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

Bible References:
Matthew 6:21-26
Psalms 37:4

Sabrina M. Evans, a highly, spiritual Anointed and gifted woman of God, is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Hearts, LLC. Called by the Lord to bring Hearts to the Nations, she's a true worshiper passionate about God's Will -- helping women learn how to overcome adversities, understand true purpose and identity in Jesus, and how to be the beautiful, destiny-driven, powerful creations God created.