God Enthroned Us in Christ. Speak HIS Word.

Believing is a choice.  Scriptures let us know how emphatically successful we can be in Christ and how healthy we can be in our bodies.  We have the ability to believe and the reasons why.  And, it has nothing to do with what we feeling.  This is why we walk by faith and not by sensory perception.  This is why Jesus teaches us in Psalms 18:21 about the power of our words and to be mindful about things we say.  Our words have the ability to change us and to order the course of our lives, because words are things and forces that effect the environment.  They can be effective and powerful when we speak in such a way where our entire being releases them by faith.  Believing is a choice...the more you believe in the words you say, the more your words are strengthened by your faith to supernaturally create what you speak by the Holy Spirit in you. 

word POWER confessions

WEEK OF // SEPT 20 - 26

I've taken hold of my life in Christ.  I know who I am.  I bask in GOD'S Glory within me.  I have good health.  I live in peace.  I'm prosperous.  I'm successful.  I'm victorious.  I'm a world changer.  Nothing is impossible unto me with Christ!


Prayer for the Week //  1 John 5:12

"He who has the Son [by accepting Him as Lord and Savior] has the life [that is eternal]; he who does not have the Son of God [by personal faith] does not have the life."

Father, thank You for the Grace to walk the victorious life in Christ in whom I can do all things.  Grant me more wisdom as I go and help me to always dwell in Your Word each and every day, in Jesus Christ's Name.  Amen.  


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