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Prayer is powerful changes everything, if you believe.  Let us come into agreement with you
and God's Will for your life.

  • "You prayed for my father's health back in November. Well yesterday, when I went to take him his breakfast, he was UP from bed, he was DRESSED, he was in the kitchen PREPARING a bowl of cereal with a cup of juice. This is MAJOR praiseworthy because normally I have to roll him in his wheelchair from the bedroom to the breakfast table. PLUS his kidneys are behaving normally and the PAIN in his wrist is gone. PRAISE the LORD!!!! Thanks for giving your time to pray for people. LOVE YOU!!"

  • "Sister Sabrina and the rest of us praying in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost happening. And, God didn't, Sister Sabrina told me to do something that I could not do before. I immediately bent over. No pain, just up and down, no hesitation. I give God all the honor and all the praises, because He did it. And, I am still giving God the praise."

  • "You prayed for my DAD on Dec 28th. Yesterday when I went to take him lunch, he was out of his wheelchair getting the recycle bottles together for me!"