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Speaking the Word

When you acquit yourself with God, you speak and things happen. To acquit yourself with God is knowing the Word of God. You are a son of God, (son, meaning males and females) and as a son of God, you deserve the right to cast out what is not of God and receive your miracle. It is your right to be blessed.

For you to receive a miracle you need to know if it’s your legal right. If you want a miracle to happen quickly, you need to ask yourself why you want the blessing. Is it to be proud? Or is it for the Glory of God?

The love of loving others will help you store up treasures in Heaven, blessings from God.  If you want to be blessed, spot a need in someone’s life, be a giver and bless them. You must do for others with sincere love, so that you can prove yourself to God. When you plant a seed you don’t understand how it sprouts from the ground and you don’t need to, because God does the rest. The problem with many of us is that we want to understand how the seed sprouts.  Stop worrying about that.  Just speak over your situation with faith and let God do His part.

Speak the Word of God, even if you don’t understand it.  God expects you to believe His Word.  He is not a man that He shall lie.  Even if it’s not time for you to reap what you’ve sown, God still expects you to believe in Him, to speak over your situation and to not stop sowing seeds of love into the lives of others.  When Jesus went to Bethany He saw a fig tree.  Knowing that the season was not yet time for the fig tree to bear fruit, He used it as an example for the disciples to see and cursed it.

What good is it to speak a thing and yet not believe what you have spoken?  It’s better to believe God and not understand some spiritual things, but pray to the Holy Spirit for more revelation, than to have understanding about some spiritual things and not believe.

Speaking things into existence requires faith.  Faith must be connected to our words.  God comes to live in us when we obey.  This gives us dominion and authority.  With God living in us, we are walking with power, so we must use our speech wisely.

Bible References
Mark 4:26-27
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Luke 7:4-5

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