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Sabrina M. Evans

President/Chief Operating Officer & Founder

Prophetess Sabrina M. Evans, a highly, spiritual Anointed and gifted woman of God, is the founder and president of Hearts, LLC, which was established by the Lord Jesus in April 2016.  Sabrina had already begun working in ministry since God called her in 2009, but began operating in the prophetic a few years after and then in miracles in 2015 as the Lord told her she would six years later.  However, it was in 2016 when Sabrina began to see numerous miracles occur as she prayed for people.  Sabrina always had a passion to help others, even in her tender years as she was deeply drawn to God during quiet times of which she spent much of being the only child.  She often prayed when she was young asking God to use her as a vessel, because she felt a pulling in her heart for this purpose.  And, frequently, Sabrina (on her own) sat alone meditating, experiencing many outer body experiences.  She was also gifted in many ways with uncanny drawing skills by the age of 7 and photographic memory.  But, it was many years later when she became an adult, before she went into ministry, that Sabrina began hearing the Audible Voice of God.

Some time afterwards, Sabrina began undergoing spiritual training under the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus, who have both taught her and still do today spiritual things of God concerning healing and deliverance.  Since then, Sabrina has experienced many amazing visitations from the Lord Jesus, including a beautiful wedding ceremony in which she was bethrothed to the Lord, and has been taken out of her body to visit Heaven several times.  It was after reading Apostle David E. Taylor's book, Face to Face Appearances from Jesus, as led by the Lord, when Sabrina's relationship with the Lord deepened in a realm of intimacy she never imagined possible.  Visitations from the Lord increased as did her ministry as she sought after Him with all her heart.  As a prophet, Sabrina’s gifted with specific details and visual sight of certain matters, in the spirit, very often concerning conditions of the world and individuals, as sometimes she's taken to places in the spirit realm and given sight inside of people’s bodies.

As a survivor of many years of emotional and verbal abuse, and sexual abuse as a child, Sabrina understands what being held in bondage means and how repetitive degrading remarks, and name calling can break down the soul of a person. For over forty years, Sabrina suffered from the pain of abuse and the hand of the enemy, but all for the glory of God and Jesus to prevail.  Over the years, she's experienced many spiritual attacks (witchcraft), even a near death experience in the early part of 2015; but, God raised His Hand against the enemy, giving Sabrina new life in her body, April 27th.  Today, Sabrina is a witness of the Miracle Healing Power of God and is a worshiper at heart.  There is no question that Sabrina and Hearts is the work of God’s Ultimate Will and His sovereign interplay in her life.  

Sabrina is the co-author of "Words from the Low Place," (a short story about her life and experience with abuse) and the author of "Love First to Forgive," an awesome Christian fiction novel that was downloaded in her spirit by the Holy Spirit who is the true author.  "Love First to Forgive" is a story full of drama, laughter and tears that leaves you wanting more as the story-line unfolds struggles of one family's issues with a young woman who is on a quest to win, no matter what it costs her, and God's Redeeming Power that restores.  

Sabrina M. Evans is a servant of the Lord, mother, certified life coach, author, and artist.  She's also a member of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW).

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