Passion for Purpose

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear,

but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”2 Timothy 1:7

Tired of never getting ahead,not completing what you started,letting fear control you,saying you believe in God,but in your heart secretlyletting doubt creep in, and/or

questioning your abilities,talents and gifts?I was right where you are.

how to overcome what I felt until after I began an intimate relationship with Jesus.  It seemed like I was a master in my talent, but I lacked what I needed to follow through for businesses and ideas God gave me.

I didn’t have confidence in myself and I lacked passion, because I didn’t have enough faith to see a project through to its end.  And, I let distractions

hinder me.This was the truth.But, Jesus changed all of that when He showed me fundamental principals I needed to know, so I could be the person I am today…in Him.

I had my struggles through that process, but believing in Him helped me to believe in what God put inside of me to fulfill my purpose.  And, through my intimate relationship with Jesus, passion for my destiny was birthed.What Jesus taught me is what I’m going to share with you each week in Passion for Purpose.

“We are told “many are called, but few are chosen.”  Sabrina Evans is a true chosen prophet of God who seeks His guidance in all that she does.  I have seen God’s power work through her as she shared heavenly visitations or helped heal the sick and wounded here on earth.   As you listen to her story and watch these testimonies, I hope that you will be encouraged to join Hearts’ Passion for Purpose Tribe.”

Honorable Alexis M. Herman23rd Secretary of Labor, USA

“​I am thankful to be among the women in Hearts.  I am the type that has a hot temper, but God beautified my heart.  Thank you Prophetess Sabrina for the work you are doing here in Ibadan.”



“In ministry I had been had been having some bitterness.   And, most of the time I would give up and give out my calling, because of the challenges I have been going through.I thank God, because through the workshops, I no longer look at what I’m going through.I keep on moving forward.  It has helped me stand as a woman in ministry and as a wife at home.”



“I have been having an infection in my tommy for long, for six years.  Entering the Hearts program, the meeting, God used  Prophetess Sabrina.  She asked me to put my hand on my tommy.  When I did, I fell down and I don’t know what happened.  I later went back to the hospital.  When I went there.  I was tested.  It was tested that the infection was over.”



“I really thank God for the Hearts ministry.  I’ve been lifted me in my marriage.  I was with my husband in marriage, but we were not in one.  When he comes back I don’t even say welcome back.  But, when the teacher told us.  I left here and went back home.  When we were taught about respecting our husbands.  When he came back, I never welcomed him even one day.  I went to him and I knelt down before him.  When I fell on my knees before him he first laughed.  I told him in our language that the father to my children welcome back. He first laughed and said you have never welcomed me.  Thank you for the teachings.  The teachings of Hearts have helped me and lifted me in my marriage.  Me and my husband are one again.  I thank God we are together.”



“Since we’ve started about this Hearts’ program.  I’ve been blessed so much about the program.  Because the time we started I don’t know about Hearts.  I speak just like that.  I do anything I want to do with my heart.  But, God-willing as I joined this Hearts program, I’ve been impacted with good things.  Before I can just speak just like that, but for now I can have time for you.

If anything is going on in my heart, I’ll have time to think about it before I talk.  So, I thank God about this ministry of Hearts.  God has been too good for me in this ministry.”



“This Hearts.  It has refreshed my mind, even towards God.  I didn’t know how to pray in my heart before.  I believe in this   ey blah, blah, blah, blah kind of prayer before.  When I gots along with this Hearts program, I was able to pray in my heart.  And, I been seeing results concerning me and my children, concerning my life, concerning my health.

I have been seeing results, because God resides in our hearts.”



Not only will I be youraccountability partner,

but the Holy Spirit will too!

He’s ready to help you and so am I!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I operate with the Lord and the Holy Ghost who leads me and instructs me in all things.  And, if God be for you, who can be against you!

What Jesus Taught Me

about the Heart and Destiny

“The heart is like the ground.  The continuity of its soil, depends on the frequency of rain and tenderness of care.  Like the exquisite beauty of a garden’s existence is can only be accomplished by the predisposition of its soil and the touch of one who knows how to maintain its design, so it is true for the refinement of a heart to be made and kept pure by the only Water, the Living Water of God, that has the power to change the atmosphere around you and thoughts in your mind.  The heart matters more to Jesus than anything.  With it, we’re called to love and fulfill greatness; to live out our purpose.  But, desire for purpose starts with a heart full of passion fueled by our love for God and His Fire within that can not be stopped.”~ Prophetess Sabrina M. Evans ~

Meet Prophetess Sabrina

Hello!!  I’m the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Hearts.  Jesus is the CEO!  I founded our global organization/ministry after several amazing visits from Jesus who said He was concerned about the hearts of women around the world suffering from the lack of peace and adversities that effected the pursuit of living out their destinies.  Since then, Hearts has grown enormously, having been established in several countries in Africa and Pakistan where I have the privilege to work with hundreds of women to help liberate their hearts and minds with Jesus, holding Biblical training workshops and sharing real-life tactical strategies for overcoming.Under the guidance and instruction of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we’ve witnessed the Power of God moving in our workshops and physically healing many.  But, Jesus’ awesome, wondrous work hasn’t stopped there!  So many aren’t only physically healed, but they get delivered from all kinds of issues and healed spiritually, mentally and emotionally!  Spiritual transformation takes place in the hearts of many, many, many women and men attending our workshops, because Jesus touches them!  To God be all the glory, honor and praise!!As a survivor of emotional and verbal abuse into adulthood, and molestation as a child, Sabrina understands what it feels like to be bound, for your mind to feel like it’s in a “fog,” because of pain, how it’s hard to get through one day to the next, have no peace and how demeaning comments that are repetitive and being called ungodly names effects the heart.  But, Prophetess Sabrina also knows what it’s like to live a victorious life as a warrior for God every since Jesus taught her.

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Passion for Purpose is NOT a workshop or a “challenge.”  It’s Hearts’ premium membership offered for a tribe of people who want to break old habits and cycles, for those who have a strong desire take their lives to the next level, for those willing to let the Holy Spirit lead and for those willing to do the necessary work it takes to succeed with Jesus.  It’s for those that have passion for their purpose, for those who are purpose-driven who want accountability, help with consistency (to follow through with work, be dependable, and keep their word that’s gold, “bond” not only to others, but God!)  It’s for those who want to overcome procrastination, who have problems with either not doing what they need to do or delaying, because of one problem or another.  And, it’s for those who know they need more discipline in managing time and completing goals.Passion is fuel for purpose, it’s inspirational focus.  But, you must have discipline with your passion and not let pride or ego get in the way.  Good leaders know they have to be honest with themselves and get clear with their own blind spots.  They engage in self-awareness, self-reflection and they do not make excuses for themselves.  It’s easy to see correction in others, but it takes a confident person to be able to criticize themselves and self-correct.  You can’t be defensive if you want to change and especially if you’re a leader, you have to take the hits and correct them.So, if you’re ready to look at yourself and do what you need to do to fulfill your Divine purpose, then I’m ready to help!Your commitment is your guarantee!!

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