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As a member of Hearts Global Family, connect with other beautiful men and women God whose hearts are dedicated to serving Christ around the globe!  As a collective functioning in the consciousness of Christ, we can accomplish GOD'S Plan individually and together and destroy Satan's work against the church in the Nations!  At Hearts, we encourage people of GOD to live the life GOD designed for us to HIS Glory.  Whatever your vision from GOD, we believe it will come to frution by faith.  Each of us were created for a wonderful purpose and we are given the grace by GOD to see it through by HIS Spirit in us.  Hearts mandate is to help you discover the new creature you are in Christ and live in the fullness of HIM inside of you.  Together, we invest in the work of every member's unique purpose, we inspire them with GOD's Word and revelation from the Holy Spirit, helping them to cultivate the dreams and visions GOD gave in the spiritual and natural!  

"Blessed is she who believed,
for there will be a fulfillment
of those things which were told

her from the Lord.  Luke 1:45

Th right attitude is just one part of the virtous excellency we need to overcome...courage and boldness in the Holy Spirit are other characteristics!  This type of mindset is what we help people of GOD develop in Christ, the Hope of Glory!


Miracles and Divine Health!  Many have experienced the ministration of the Holy Spirit in Hearts' Workshops!   From stomach conditions, to blindness, to anger, to depression  and unforgiveness...GOD'S Divine Healing Power made the desires of many a suddenly reality!  How incredible!  Even witch doctors have given their lives to Christ through Hearts and are now members!  To GOD be the glory!  Marriages have been restored, a baby reported dead in a hospital was restored back to life, a lady diagnosed with cancer was instantly healed in the hospital and drug dealer gave his life to Christ after attending one our Workshops with his wife!

What People Experience

  • Greater discovery about the "new person" they are in CHRIST!
  • Freedom from hopelessness, hurt and discouragement!
  • A renewed resoluteness and dedication to serve Christ!

"Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they shall see God
.”  Matthew 5:8

Be the soldier God created you to be!
Walk CONFIDENTLY in your destiny, living in the consciousness of Christ!
Experience Divine Life everyday!

What You Receive with Free Membership

  • Free copy of "Discovering Your True Nature in Christ" by Apostle S. Maria Evans and Pastor Tunde Cole 
  • "Prophetic Era" Weekly Devotional!
  • Free access to a Heart's Workshops near you!
  • Free access to Hearts' Christian Life Daily on Telegram where you can interact with others and share inspiring content!
  • Free access to Hearts' community group on KingsChat!

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