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You’re just one step away from joining hundreds in our global family!  It’s not a long process..  It only takes a couple of minutes and it’s very easy and simple!

As a family member, you’ll be connected with other beautiful men and women of God around the globe who believe in you and your destiny!  By ourselves…we are inadequate, but together with Jesus…we have everything we need to be warriors for Him!  That’s why Hearts encourages the pursuit of love for God first, because for a vision to come to pass and last, the fruit within us must be activated and be useful for work to fulfill purposeful plans.  Every purpose must have a plan and grace to carry it out.  Hearts mandate is to invest in the work of your hands to spire and help cultivate the dream God put in you!  We decree, God’s Word concerning your future shall succeed through plans that will give life to your purpose!  For this to happen…we, at Hearts, focus on being strong soldiers for Jesus who wear the Banner of Love and Righteousness!

“Blessed is she who believed,for there will be a fulfillmentof those things which were toldher from the Lord.”  Luke 1:45

Th right attitude is just one aspect of what we need to do to overcome…courage is the other!  In becoming a member of Hearts, you’ll definitely feel loving support that’s helpful in overcoming challenges as you experience the move of the Holy Spirit who will keep your heart and mind motivated in Jesus through whom we can do all things!


We give God all the glory, honor and praise for the many, many tremendous testimonies of lives that have been transformed through our workshops and programs Jesus established!  We’ve had the privilege and pleasure of witnessing miraculous miracles, signs and wonders in Hearts!!  Just sitting in our workshops, hundreds have been healed of all kinds of illnesses that include blindness and various conditions in the body!  Many testify of deliverance from anger issues, emotional strongholds, and depression!  Even neighbors have come to report of the incredible change!Hearts and its members continue to be blessed seeing God’s Supernatural Power work in various ways opening the eyes of witch doctors who are now members; restoring marriages; bringing a baby reported dead in a mother’s womb back to life, delivering a major drug dealer from selling drugs, and healing a woman’s sister dying of cancer in the hospital!!

This Is What People Experience

  • Growth in relationship and intimacy with Jesus!
  • Overcoming feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness!
  • Freedom from discouragement!
  • Breaking old habits and beliefs!
  • Growing stronger in belief, faith and trust in God!
  • Joy and Peace in their heart!
  • Proficiency in a warrior for God developmental skill set!

“Blessed are the pure in heart,For they shall see God.”  Matthew 5:8

Be the warrior God created you to be!!Walk CONFIDENTLY in your Divine Destiny!!We love you!!

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