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Love That Conquerors All

Prepare for spiritual war before the war, not during the war. Though battles belong to the Lord, our obedience in love and righteousness effects whether God allows us to go through situations to learn what we need to learn or whether He won’t allow the enemy to engage us and fight a battle for us. Obedience is love and better than any sacrifice. The Blood of Jesus protects the obedient. Remember, Satan has legal rights in the Court of Heaven before God, so it’s better to obey God and not be charged with something by our accuser we didn’t do. God is love. Though you may feel like responding in love when you’re angry won’t “move” someone who has a tough exterior, it will. Your response in love can and does make a difference whether they’re willing to admit it now, later or never. Just take a look at yourself in the mirror again. You were created by God in love. You may not have come through a parent(s) who love you, but God does and allowed you to be born. And, you may not be where you desire or God desires…but, you’re alive by His Grace. And, the mere fact that you’re alive is powerful; it’s God’s supernatural, miraculous power in you, His Breath, that’s keeping you alive!! That’s Grace!

The bottom line is that you are the result of God’s love in the same way that your ACT OF LOVE is the result of an experience of love for someone who needs it like you, but doesn’t know how to say it and/or receive it, either because they’re hurt by the pain of people bedazzling them saying they love them, but really don’t or they’re in so much pain and don’t know how to get out of the pain, so they express their pain through negative words in nasty tones, misuse of authority, and/or eloquently use of words mixed with God’s Word to come secretly against you, because they’re mad inside. They misplace feelings being bound by the spirit of anger Satan sent in the midst of all of the confusion he created and they lose control. Instead of submitting to the Holy Spirit, so He can help them, they choose to “move on” thinking that “moving on” means they’re “getting over it” and “letting it go,” but they’re not. So, they remain in anger that turns into temper tantrums, rage, depression, etc. that’s perfect use for the devil’s exploitations of human emotions and accusations before God.

A touch of love all by itself can achieve what the best compliment, most beautiful gift or lovely text messages saying “you’re mine and you’re my baby” can’t. Why? Because, love is power that creates, changes and/or builds up; it doesn’t tear down or crush. Love is the establishment of something you feel inside of your heart, an affinity you know is real and not fake. And, how do you know the difference between love and fake love (lust)? You know because the feeling of real love is undeniable. It speaks truth, life, grace, kindness and mercy. And, it is witnessed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. God’s Power can and does transcend; so does love. That’s why it has the ability to cover everything and bring healing where money and smooth talk can’t. God’s Power of Love is not limited as to how it moves or when. So, don’t worry about whether you receive a positive response back or not. The Holy Spirit is the only One who has the power to convict the heart. Our job is to love inspite of and extend the miraculous transmission of its power from our hearts to others.

The Lord will do His part, let’s keep doing ours. Love people past their problems and issues; God does ours. And, as you’re preparing for war, remember it’s not the person you’re fighting, it’s the enemy through them that’s fighting you.

Bible  Reference
1 Corinthians 13:4-8
2 Chronicles 20:15-17
Psalms 11:7

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Sabrina M. Evans, a highly, spiritual Anointed and gifted woman of God, is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Hearts, LLC. Called by the Lord to bring Hearts to the Nations, she's a true worshiper passionate about God's Will -- helping women learn how to overcome adversities, understand true purpose and identity in Jesus, and how to be the beautiful, destiny-driven, powerful creations God created.