September 6

Life After Divorce, Series #1


Anyone who marries with true love in their heart and the belief that Jesus, who is the source of Life, must be the central focal point in a marriage for success...doesn't anticipate divorce.   Divorce isn't an option.  But, it happens unexpectedly.  Why?  Because, one of the two people in that marriage or both entered into the covenant with another mindset.  If they didn't...the divorce would have never happened.  If a marriage is based on true love, even fear can't never overcome it. (1 John 4:18)

When people are committed to Christ, they listen to HIM and they do what HE says.  Meaning, they live in the consciousness of Christ.   When and if others who know of the marital challenges they're facing voice their opinions about them, they may hear their thoughts, but if they be a son of GOD, at the end of the day, they obey the Lord.  This is why Christ says, in John 10:27, "my sheep listen to my Voice."

So, what do you do after divorce?  What do you do after the man or woman you took a vow of "for better or worse" leaves you?   What do you do when the stress of it all takes a toll on you?  How do you regain peace and joy in your life again?   These are just some of several questions you may be asking yourself.

While some things in life like parenting requires us to navigate without a "handbook," others don't.  Either way, guidance from somewhere is necessary for quality performance and success in anything we do, even marriage.  Divorce can hurt deeply as you know.  To avert pain, people exhaust all means around them trying hard to find peace, but they can't, not if they aren't looking to Jesus.  They've looked everywhere, but to Christ.  They might even tell you they have, but they really haven't, not if they're still carrying unforgiveness and offense in their heart.

The Gospel truth about marriage is this...GOD instituted marriage and gave us a blue print which is HIS Word for a loving, peaceful, joyful and blissful marital relationship.  The Word is Jesus Christ. (John 1:1-14)  He, Christ, is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6) who gives us peace when HE comes to live in us.  Therefore, love can't flow without peace, Christ, in the heart first.  Both parties need Christ, not only one for a marriage to sustain itself long-term.  In order for that to happen, marriage must be established in true love, Godly love, not lust.

When trying to understand how to use a product, it's impossible to know more about that product than the manufacturer.  In the same way, we don't know how to keep a marriage from failing more than GOD who designed it.  This is why we need to know about what GOD says regarding marriage.

The root cause for marital problems that causes a marriage to end in divorce is the lack of true love to preserve it and essential knowledge needed about GOD'S Word concerning marriage.  When a marriage ends in divorce, one or both parties finds it difficult to consult and live by GOD'S Word to learn how to relate one another, conquer emotional issues, handle challenges and individual differences.  If they didn't, divorce would have never happened.

Whatever you fix our eyes upon KEEPS your gaze.

We're called to run our race with endurance, being active in the faith GOD gave us (Romans 12:3) to pass all tests and overcome threats from the enemy.   Hebrews 12:2 teaches us, Jesus is the Author and Perfecter of faith who brings our faith to maturity.   Looking away from Jesus causes distraction, unnecessary "heaviness of feelings" and sin that ever so cleverly entangle.

If you are on the verge of divorcing, first you should reconsider the possibility of reconciliation.   If this is not possible, because of you or the other party, you must begin your road to recovery.  The same goes for you who are divorced.  The ONLY way you can do that is by believing that Jesus can truly heal your heart.  And, He will.  Stay we share more about "life after divorce."

Recommended scripture reading for you to meditate upon.

"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
John 14:27

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."
Proverbs 15:1

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds [curing their pains and their sorrows]."
Psalm 147:3

Word Power

By faith, GOD'S Power is operating in me.   I'm living in GOD'S Glory; therefore, my heart is healed and my mind is clear.  I'm not walking in pain.  I walk in righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.  I'm blessed with GOD'S Goodness.  GOD'S Love lives in me and all around me.

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