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Kingdom Building

The first builder of the Kingdom of God is Jesus Christ. ~ Matthew 16:19
But, for Him to build and establish His Kingdom here on earth, He does what He wants to do through you and me.

The greatest enemy of the kingdom is Satan, but upon the Kingdom Jesus is establishing, even the gates of hell shall not prevail. As you’re building, know that there is opposition from the gates of hell. Demons and their agents form accolades to oppose the Kingdom of God. They are called Kingdom Destroyers.

7 Things that make a Kingdom Builder
1. They’re soul winners: they bring light to the kingdom of darkness.
2. They pray for the growth of the church.
3. They unite the church/saw seeds of love.
4. They pay no attention to gossip. If someone comes to gossip someone to you know you are the next in their list.
5. They invoke personal effort to build the God’s Kingdom and they do not hold back. They give their all. They offer the best, even themselves to the service of God.
6. They find joy in the Kingdom. Their joy is when they see good things happening in the kingdom. They are positive in their mind and keep on praying for the vision of men and women of God.
6. They overlook “wrong” to build the good. They know that human beings are not angels and that they have weaknesses, but they focus on the good of other people, not the bad and help them grow in their weaknesses.

6 Things that make a Kingdom Destroyer
1. They are soul destroyers: they seek to destroy those in the Kingdom of God.
2. The expect the worst to happen to the church: they see negativity in all ways. They go looking for the undone things in the church.
3. They divide the church: they entertain and promote gossip, looking for bad facts about the church. They sow seeds of hatred and poison new believers.
4. They criticize those that are building the church and their authority. They would not input on anything but, they want to have the first place in the finished work.
5. They are always in conflict with the Kingdom growth for God. They take conflict when they see others grow in the kingdom.
6. They have a sin conscience. Their joy is when the church is weak, so they can have something to talk about.

Kingdom builders are in opposition to the gates of hell.
Close your doors to everything that opposes the kingdom.; shut the mouth of the enemy.
Instead of pursuing the knowledge of people pursue the knowledge of God.
Pray that the Lord shall make you a Kingdom builder.

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