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Love Around You

I’ve come to appreciate the deepness of God’s love, because it’s so rich and full of His grace, all consuming, and never ending. When I look at the world and see the endless sky; the tops of mountains; the expansion of seas and oceans, and their horizons; the depths of canyons; the large pastures and…

I Know I Can

Some of the things we have to wait on the Lord for in life seem IMPOSSIBLE…because, there’s nothing in “sight” for us to believe it is possible. Everything we see in the natural sometimes even shows us the opposite. But, this is what I have come to LOVE and appreciate about faith so much…the fact…

Look Ahead Not Back

To overcome…sometimes, we have to let go…Don’t look back or hold onto memories that brought pain. LOOK FORWARD to the beauty and glory God has prepared for your future!…It can be hard not to look back, but if you trust God…He’ll give you beauty for your ashes… “…to console those who mourn in Zion, to…