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Investments of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! We only get a RETURN on INVESTMENT when profit is generated from an exchange. This is UNADULTERATED joy, peace, love, honor, trust, devotion, sacrifice, partnership, and companionship that’s two-way, not 50-50, but 100-100…its LONGEVITY…”I know I chose the right one, God’s choice”…and its God’s choice that brings DIVIDENDS of INVESTMENT in each…

Pain Reveals Beauty

The process you’re ENDURING or have endured is and was necessary for God to skillfully prepare you for your calling. Every bad mistake, every bad decision, every bad circumstance you didn’t have control over…God used to BENEFIT His Plan for you. He’s always in control and He will turn your ashes into beauty…you…an image in…

I Know I Can

Some of the things we have to wait on the Lord for in life seem IMPOSSIBLE…because, there’s nothing in “sight” for us to believe it is possible. Everything we see in the natural sometimes even shows us the opposite. But, this is what I have come to LOVE and appreciate about faith so much…the fact…