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Peace and Freedom is an awesome book that will help many get delivered from the false illusions of the spirit of deception!

Many are deeply hurt by the cunning craftiness, hypocrisy and treachery of this spirit. They carry wounds from the pain in their hearts for years.
After reading this book, the lens you see life through will somehow be adjusted again as light shines in the deepest places of dark souls, revealing their heart, character, and thoughts used in evil demise to manipulate and control.

Our pre-sale page is NOW OPEN!!

God bless you! More grace!!

Sabrina M. Evans, a highly, spiritual Anointed and gifted woman of God, is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Hearts, LLC. Called by the Lord to bring Hearts to the Nations, she's a true worshiper passionate about God's Will -- helping women learn how to overcome adversities, understand true purpose and identity in Jesus, and how to be the beautiful, destiny-driven, powerful creations God created.