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Attaining Goals

For you to attain all of your goals, it’s necessary to be sure you are considering the following:

1. Your Priorities
Put God first. If God is given the right place in your life, He will put you where you ought to be.  If you give Him pleasure, He will not reward you with pain.

2. Your Attitude and Thought Pattern
Thinking backward hinders progress.  Let the Word of God always renew your thought pattern and your attitude will change for the best.  Thinking small will invariably shut out great things from your life.  Keep your mind open for greater things God wants to do in your life.

3. What You Believe
Some believe in experts more than they believe in Jesus.  Others believe in human strength more than they believe in God’s ability.  But, only those who believe in God will see His glory.

As you stand with God, you will stand sure and manifest your goals, in Jesus’ Name!  The end time darkness upon this age will not deform you!  Your testimony is sure!  You will be led to your place of destination!

Bible References
John 11:40
Ecclessiates 10:10

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