Apostle Sabrina Maria Evans

Apostle Sabrina Maria Evans, a spirit-filled, gifted woman of God, is the founder and chief operating officer of Hearts, LLC, established by the Lord Jesus in April 2016.  Answering the call of ministry in 2009, Apostle Maria flowing in the prophetic and miracles in 2015.  Since then, signs, miracles and wonders have followed her ministry, Hearts.  Presiding over several chapters of Hearts in Africa, Apostle Maria helps hundreds of women discover a purposeful life in Christ through GOD'S Word in remarkable Biblical Workshop Trainings where they experience the world of the supernatural.

Every since a young child, Apostle Maria has been passionate about praying and helping others.  During her tender years, she was deeply drawn to God, spending many quiet times alone with HIM.  As a youth, she felt a pulling in her heart for this purpose and was guided to pray diligently, asking God to use her as one of his vessels.  Frequently, as a child, Maria, (on her own) sat alone meditating, experiencing many outer body experiences.  She was gifted by the Holy Spirit from a tender age with many talents which included extraordinary gifts of skillful drawing with preciseness and photographic memory.

In her later thirties, she had suffered a horrible abusive relationship for nearly eight years that nearly took her life.  Upon the survival of such, Apostle Maria responded to GOD'S call in ministry.  Led by the Holy Ghost as her Instructor, Apostle Maria, learned many spiritual things of GOD.  She grew close in her relationship with the Lord and the Precious Holy Spirit, and had the privilege of several wonderful visits to Heaven, but also an unexpected one with the Lord to Hades to testify of the importance of one's eternal salvation.  Her most notable visit with the Lord Jesus was a beautiful wedding ceremony in which she was betrothed to HIM.  Desiring more, Apostle Maria developed a deeper love for Christ through worship; a dimension of intimacy with the Lord she never knew possible.  She grew to love the Lord deeply in her heart.  Visitations with our Dear Jesus increased as did Apostle Maria's ministry and the prophetic.  Very often, Apostle Maria was given details as the Lord opened her eyes to see in the spirit, global conditions and maladies in people’s bodies.

In her relationship with the Holy Spirit, wounds from the psychological impact of emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and sexual abuse as a child were healed.  By the Spirit of the Lord, she was able to break free from the agony and misery of pain.  For years (well into her forties), Apostle Maria had suffered from the hand of the enemy—but, to the Glory of God she prevailed, even a near death experience that had occurred in early 2015.  Deception, manipulation, control, betrayal, and oppression could not avert GOD'S Plan for her life nor could it forestall or discourage her will to do HIS.  

Today, Apostle Maria is a healing minister, teacher, certified life coach, and artist.  She's the author of Peace and Freedom, which is a book about identifying and defeating deception of false witnesses in personal relationships that damage and destroy.  She also co-
authored a soul-winning, Christian fiction novel,"Love First to Forgive," with the Holy Spirit which is a true testament to GOD'S Redemptive Power through love and forgiveness.

Apostle Maria is 
a partner of our dear man of GOD, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's, world reknown Healing School and a member of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW)

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