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Biblical Workshop Trainings for Women

Imagine living life without pain, being at peace in your heart, getting results through prayer, overcoming the devil's wiles, no anger issues or feelings of inadequacy, and living a victorious life...that's what women experience in Hearts.

“Living in the consciousness of Christ is a choice.  Believing you are who you are in HIM is a choice.”

— Apostle Sabrina Maria Evans, Hearts



Words carry power and supernaturally create the environment around us!  Join us each week as we declare words of power and pray!  


We had a progressive week.  Hearts women were filled with the Glory of the Lord as they received GOD'S Word in their hearts during our Biblical Training Workshop!  Women gathered to show their appreciation.

GOD dwells in the heart of the one who worships and obeys HIM.

When we lift our hands in adoration, the fragrance of our worship fills the earth and touches the Heart of GOD.   Women who participate in our Biblical Training Workshops experience the supernatural as they exalt Christ.  Worship sessions are one of the main components that provokes the consciousness of a woman's experience for miracles to occur. 



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Hearts is a partner of our dear man of GOD, Pastor Chris Oyakilome's, Healing School.  In support of the vision, Hearts shares Pastor's life-changing Rhapsody of Realities App with all who come in contact with our ministry!  Apostle Maria reads it everyday!  Install the Rhapsody of Realities App on any of your devices and receive the wonderful Knowledge of the glory of GOD in your heart!

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"In ministry I had been had been having some bitterness.   And, most of the time I would give up and give out my calling, because of the challenges I have been going through.  I thank God, because through the workshops, I no longer look at what I'm going through.  I keep on moving forward.  It has helped me stand as a woman in ministry and as a wife at home."



"Since we've started about this Hearts' program.  I've been blessed so much about the program.  Because the time we started I don't know about Hearts.  I speak just like that.  I do anything I want to do with my heart.  But, God-willing as I joined this Hearts program, I've been impacted with good things.  Before I can just speak just like that, but for now I can have time for you.

If anything is going on in my heart, I'll have time to think about it before I talk.  So, I thank God about this ministry of Hearts.  God has been too good for me in this ministry."



"Praise the Lord.  I am Carol Auma, Chapter Leader of Hearts Workshop at Royal Priesthood Church Kenya.  Teachings helped me a great deal when it comes to forgiving.  I can now easily forgive before I am asked to.  I have also come to know who I am in Christ Jesus.  I now can serve with confidence and anointing.  I was also so much bitter and easily angered but Praise be to God after teachings I am no longer the same.  Pressings on towards the mark of my high calling.  Thank you Prophetess Sabrina for answering God's call on your life.  Because of your obedience many lives have been changed including mine."

Pastor Carol Auma

a Chapter leader, kenya


23rd Secretary of Labor // USA

"We are told "many are called, but few are chosen."  Sabrina Maria Evans is a true chosen prophet of God who seeks His guidance in all that she does.  I have seen God's power work through her as she shared heavenly visitations or helped heal the sick and wounded here on earth.   As you listen to her story, watch and read the testimonies here, I hope you will be blessed and encouraged. "


Where the awareness of Life in Christ is activated in the heart!  Women experience the miraculous!  Divine healings of all kinds take place as they discover their new person in Christ, grow in faith, learn how to pray with results to divinely live in their purpose!  Learn more about our Global Chapters!


With lack of spiritual knowledge of GOD'S Word and knowledge about how to pray, many women enter Hearts' Workshops devoid, but complete each more equipped!


From feeling broken, abandoned and full of pain to becoming emotionally balanced in the Lord, women testify of how much their lives change, because of Hearts' Workshops!  


With pressures from society, under-valued assumptions, lack of Knowledge about being new creatures in Christ, women turn from being damaged to living in a new awareness!    


When women attend Hearts' Workshops, they experience the miraculous in all areas of their life, including health, through the manifest Presence of the Holy Spirit!

Daniel said, "it has seemed good to me to show the signs and wonders that the Most High God has done for me."  ―DANIEL 4:2


Cousin healed of Covid-19 Symptoms

My cousin was not officially diagnosed with Covid-19 but she certainly had all the symptoms: she had shortness of breath, a fever of 101 degrees, and severe weakness. I asked Apostle Maria to pray for my cousin and she was healed without further ado! Praise the Name of Jesus!

Sharon Gilbert

Apostle Saw Four Demons

Apostle Maria saw four (4) demons that had been sent to my house. She prayed with the fire of Holy Spirit and thwarted the enemy’s plans for my house and family. Praise the Lord for perfect deliverance! The atmosphere of our house immediately felt better and we no longer felt the tension that we had felt previously.

Sharon Gilbert

Mental/Intellectual Blessing

I am Toyin Oyebode. I am a member of the Hearts Ministry. Since I joined Hearts, God has blessed me mentally and intellectually. I am excited since becoming a part of the Heart’s family!

Toyin Oyebode

Marriage & Business Improved!

My name is Mrs. Agboola Omoseeke, a member in the Hearts International Ministry Eruwa since 2018. I want to use this medium to appreciate Apostle Maria Evans for her good work because since I joined the ministry, I have seen a positive change in all aspects of my life— both marital and business life. I can proudly say Apostle Maria is indeed a blessing and may the Lord continue to bless her and her anointing will never run dry. Amen.

Mrs. Agboola Omoseeke


In August 2020 Apostle Sabrina Evans was live on facebook for morning prayer she received a word of knowledge through the Holy Spirit and asked if someone watching had a heart burn it was me I suffered for weeks after she prayed for me In was healed completely. All Glory be to Jesus. Amen


Severe headache and Nausea

I was in debilitating pain, I asked for prayer at the Prayer and Meditation morning service. Apostle Maria prayed for me and what could have been days of illness was over in a few hours.

Sharon Gilbert

Share what GOD did for you! 

Let us hear what GOD did for you!  Submit your testimony to encourage someone else!

"And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son."
―1 JOHN 5:11 



Since I have been associated with Hearts International Ministries, I have had the pleasure of witnessing miracle after miracle. I praise the Lord for moving from Glory to Glory!

Sharon Johnson Gilbert

The heart matters more than anything to Jesus.

Established by Christ, Hearts is a multifaceted, inspiring global organization and ministry.  With instructive guidelines from the Lord, Hearts unique Biblical Training Workshops and Proverbs 31 Program continue to propel women into the awareness of living in the consciousness of Christ and into their unique purpose.

"Discovering Your True Self in Christ"
by Apostle Sabrina Maria Evans

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