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Hearts offers Biblical workshop trainings that help people overcome pain they're faced with in adversities that sometimes become disastrous.  Under the Anointing of these dynamic workshops led by the Lord and the Holy Spirit, people are delivered; freed from unforgiveness, feelings of rejection, hopelessness, powerlessness, discouragement; and, strongholds that bind their thoughts and feelings mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Chains that held them back from crossing boundaries and entering into new heights become a distant memory!  And, what stopped them from moving forward in the things God called them to do no longer holds them down!  Women grow into the definition of who they are in Jesus!  They learn real-life tactical strategies to overcome stress, pain, and struggles!  And, best of all!...they find Peace in Jesus and learn how to retain it in their hearts!

We're so blessed by the testimonies that always come in about how Jesus touches the hearts of people in Hearts' workshops, delivering them from pain, increasing faith, and giving them a peace that becomes joy!  Through our Anointed Biblical trainings Jesus rejuvenates people; teaches them how to pray, extend mercy, and forgive; overcome adversities; love themselves, others and their enemies; develop more intimacy with Him; and find hope in Him that was lost.  People learn the importance of trusting God and how to believe again, despite their conditions and circumstances!

Miracles, signs and wonders of all kinds happen in our workshops from the restoration of marriages, to the deliverance of anger, alcohol addictions and the selling of drugs, to the physical healings of cancer, blindness and all other manners of illnesses!

In Hearts' Workshops,
God's People Learn How To:

  • Be what God created them to be;
  • Become and be warriors for God;
  • Conquer fear, loss, inadequacy, and feelings of lack of love;
  • Find peace and true love in Jesus;
  • Experience deeper levels of intimacy with Jesus;
  • Overcome feelings of powerlessness;
  • Take charge of their thoughts and mind;
  • Acknowledge things that hinders the heart;
  • Recondition the mind;
  • Define perceptions of self, assess humility, vanity and pride;
  • Think beyond problems and issues;
  • Be Kingdom minded;
  • Rebuild the heart; and,
  • Walk in divine purpose, the exclusivity of their own beauty and power for Jesus by God's Spirit!

We're committed to fulfilling the great mandate Jesus gave Hearts!  So, in the Spirit of Excellence and Love, we work very closely with associated churches, Hearts' Chapters, on a weekly basis to ensure that His Instructions are carried through.  With the help of our amazing Pastors and Chapter Leaders, we, by God's Spirit, faciliate and administrate fascinating Biblical workshop trainings that are guided by the Lord and the Holy Spirit.  This is why miracles, signs and wonders frequently occur in every workshop, because Jesus established Hearts and directs all of its activities.

Hearts has numerous chapters throughout Africa in the countries of Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, and Malawi, as well as, Pakistan and is continuously expanding.  To learn more about our chapters, visit Global Chapters! 

Proverbs 31 Legacy Program

Obtaining and Sustaining the Grace to Carry our Crowns!

So many people are struggling, because of the lack of basic needs like water and food to survive, in particular, families in the remote villages of Africa and different parts of Asia who have no source of income.  While Hearts can't help all, we can help as many as we can - those we are led by the Lord to help.

Through our vocational training courses, we teach women not only about how to start and maintain their own businesses, but how to be virtuous women.  Our goal isn't just to help women become self sustainable in a marketplace to provide a stream of revenue to meet their families needs, but to become the glorious, vibrant creations God created them to be for His Purpose.  

As a part of the Proverbs 31 Legacy Program, we gift each woman with a small amount funds to cover start-up costs for items needed to establish a business in their local marketplace.  But, we don't stop there.  It's our heart to see that they not only begin their business, but maintain their business.  We want them to be confident in the Lord with the natural gift(s) God gave them, so they will be successful.  So, we provide on-going training to ensure their success, equipping them not only with information about growing in business, but also knowledge about maturing in the Spirit.  We want them to be fruitful in all they do, so they can leave a legacy for their children to follow.  

In business, we have to face and overcome fears, disappointments, and the frustration, especially in the beginning.  To be successful, we have to endure ups and downs, be courageous, hopeful and reliant upon who we are in Jesus and what we're able to do through Jesus.  This is why, in our program, we also place great emphasis on how to maintain a peace of mind during the process.  Many businesses begin and many fail, because they don't know how to overcome adversities when they arise.  Because of this, we also teach our participants real-life tactical strategies for triumphing over what the enemy meant for bad.  So, it's not just business saavy tips and educational information that we's the concept and "know-how" of how to be a warrior for God and what that truly means, even in business.

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